From the Boys

Felicity & Fritz

February 23, 2014
Style Tips
By Felicity & Fritz


Menswear Trends for Ladies to Steal

 The recent Menswear collections have told me one things - stealing from the boys has never been a better idea. Coupled with a ton of inspiration, the London Menswear is giving me a whole lotta I-Need-To-Go-Shopping-Now feelings. From chunky knits to ankle grazers, if you're boyfriends style is anything like this, he'll be walking around the house naked (double bonus, no?).

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The Chunky Neck Knit
Confession - I typically wear the chunky neck knit when I'm either fighting a cold or if I have made the decision to not leave my house for the day. Why? Because this sweater is as comfy as a ones minus the weird looks you get from people on the street. If done right, this sweater is absurd chic - paired with leather leggings or a well fitted trouser for work and your set. Chic and comfy? Yes, please, duh.

Sporty Spice
Luxe Bomber Jackets and tailored track pants (oxymoron?) made their way to the runways. Designers like, Gucci, Kris Van Assche and Alexander Wang were a a few of my favourites showing their men in a neutral colour palate but ready to hit the courts...of liiife. (ugh, I didn't want to write that but my 15 year old self made me).



Without a doubt, the dominant print this season is a tropical floral. Take note, it's easy for this print to be ultra feminine, which we love, but taking note from the boys beef it up a bit if you can. It's like when you eat a burger - you balance it with the salad. Balance the girly floral top with a tough girl leather pants or the garden dress with black lace up stilettos.

Ankle Grazers
What's sexier than cleavage? Bare. Ankles. Turned on yet? But really, I read somewhere that a woman's ankles are one of her sexiest assets...or maybe I just think this myself. I'm sure I read it. Did I? Hmm... I digress. Different fits and fabrics are showing this silhouette and bring it from day to night wear - perfect for the office and our new go to for ladies night.

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